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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

The Excellency of Beacon Exim Bangladesh Ltd. to the point of words “Owns house in Owns City” which started with Real Estate and Bricks manufacturing program and gained the desired success and enlarged to the sector of Health ,Education ,Food and Beverage through the encouragement of the people. On the basis of love, affection and interaction of people Beacon Exim Bangladesh Ltd. updated itself to *Beacon Group* to fulfill the fundamental needs of human being such as Food, Cloth, Residence, Education and Treatment and came to the point of decision to invest huge amount in this field. Beacon Exim ,Beacon Real Estate, Beacon Tourism, Beacon Healthcare, Beacon Edu-care, Beacon Food and beverage, Beacon Auto Solution (BASCO),Beacon Bricks manufacturing, Beacon Human Foundation are the Branches of *Beacon group* to grow up the country independent and self-employed to the points “Everywhere for All”.

Sister concerns of Beacon Group:

  • Beacon Exim Ltd.
  • Beacon Real Estate Ltd.
  • Beacon Tourism Ltd.
  • Beacon Auto Solution co.(BASCO)
  • Beacon Health care Ltd.
  • Beacon Edu Care Ltd.
  • Beacon Food and Beverage ltd.
  • Beacon Bricks and Manufacturing
  • Beacon Human Foundation

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Hot Apartment Project

1. Beacon Thousand Flower
Parrot One

, Dhaka
Unit: , Sold: 0, Unsold: 0

2. Beacon Moon
Parrot Three

Residential, Feni
Unit: 20, Sold: 1, Unsold: 19

3. Beacon Mojumder Palace
Parrot One

Residential, Comilla
Unit: 28, Sold: 0, Unsold: 28

4. Beacon Shamsunnahar
Parrot Three

Residential, Chittagong
Unit: , Sold: 0, Unsold: 0

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